Saturday, August 7, 2010

Part 1 ShockLove

So, I know this guy. He's with me in university, and -

Wait a minute. This guy is with you in jam3ah?


Aren't you in like in a public/government university?

*Blush* Yeah.

Whaaat? I don't get it! Isn't your place only for girls? Was he dressed as a girl??

No!! He's a normal guy, my God.

....So then how did you meet him in school?

*Murmurs* He's an assistant teacher....

What? I can't hear you.

He's an assistant teacher!

He's your TEACHER?!?!

No Alia!!! Assisstant, ASSISTANT teacher!!

Ooooof, Zahra. You're in for it now.

You're telling me. He's a Scorpio which doesn't go well with my sign.

Oh my God you've already checked out his sign! you're serious about him!

No I'm not!! I'm just ..... curious about him. He's 26 and already published his own book.

You've even figured out how old he is, huh?

So, what's that go to do with me liking -

What's his favorite color?

Green, but -

What he drinks?

Starbucks, he likes to drink cold drinks, especially vanilla frappachino. But -

Whats the color of his eyes?

Light brown, but when he's excited about something they get a little bit of gold in them.

And you're not interested at all in him, huh?

....Okay, I might like him a little bit.

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